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February 26, 2010 / alghaumon

With New Types You Get New Styles

Oh… MY “Goodness” … MS. [Canada] !?!

In the, OVER, 100 years of professional sport, (let lone what it was BEFORE someone was offered to be PAID for it), those who’d competed to be the pinnacle of that season’s groupings ALWAYS found their collective [\”brand\”] of …


The WOMEN of Team Canada’s GOLD MEDAL WINNING ICE HOCKEY team have been “sequestered” onto another slide of the International Olympic Committee [\’MACROSCOPE\’]. It’s “NOT” like happiness is supposed to be all Louisa May Alcott (1832–1888), LITTLE WOMEN typings. These are FIT, sometimes,BRUISING examples of what Betty Boop would do, if [ ALLOWED] in “HER DAY” to…


Those that WERE present duly noted that the WOMEN of CANADA DID partake in “the leaf” as Estrogen saturated [Red Auerbach(s)]. And NOBODY “balks” when a Twenty-year-old swigs a “bit”-o- CHAMPAGNE when they’ve helped make their team owner an extra million dollars, or “SO”.

The BEST avenue for “AW-THOR-UH-TIES” to take is this. Remember that this was NOT done “IN PUBLIC”, was NOT WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION. Was NOT a spur of the moment action, SOMEBODY had to have THOUGHT this through BEFOREHAND! And, LASTLY, was “SEEMINGLY” enjoyed by each of the WINNERS that had to have GIVEN their PERMISSION to have their “IMAGE” become Public. Because “they wouldn’t DESECRATE the SANCTITY of THEIR sport” for…


Isn’t it obvious by their play that THIS WAS THEIR HOUSE ? And, in it being “THEIR HOUSE” the seeming CIVIL protections of such, (security guards and the like…), would make for some sort of “ENVELOPE” to greenlight the moment.

I’m quite sure that this choice is what [Tommie] and [Carlos] would have “druthered”for their celebratory, a more MOLSON-esque fashion. But, that was NOT of their era. And, for All the GOLD Medals won by Canada’s Hockey teams I’m sure that [Willie Eldon O\’Ree] would have given an Arm, or Leg… But, he “ONLY” gave an EYE… Then became Canada’s Jackie Robinson of the N.H.L.. (I only did this last part because it’s STILL “Black History” Month.)

For one that’s camped from Prince Edward Island to Vancouver Island, this has been a great Olympics of Winter. To give us “Yanks”a taste of the world of Canadian Ice Hockey, I remember the SUMMER Hockey Leagues… ON Roller skates, 90 degrees, Pucks made from SOLID Fibreglass, and Slap shots that would terrify a Baseball Pitcher, if the ball were made from same material. IMAGINE a ninety mile an hour fastball returning from a Roberto Clemente “stroke” . (!?!) That’s what these young Women know as heritage. And didn’t it SHOW ?



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  1. beingjennifer / Feb 26 2010 9:24 pm

    “And NOBODY “balks” when a Twenty-year-old swigs a “bit”-o- CHAMPAGNE”

    In Canada the legal drinking age is 18 in most provinces and 19 in the rest.

    but even if they were younger, I don’t think it would have been a problem.

  2. omegetymon / Mar 8 2010 10:12 pm

    Jennifer, Thank YOU for stopping by to read and comment.


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