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March 3, 2010 / alghaumon

WHO Served Sidney Canada’s GOLD Medal ?

Well folks the Zamboni made its last “Vancouver Ice bin-full quite some time ago. And as [President Obama] settles his debt with Canada he should talk to the young man you see below.

[Jarome Iginla] is another man of African and North American ancestral blessing. The glaring difference is that HE is “THE MAN” that DELIVERED the “good-bye” [\”kiss\”] that stopped the ravenous U.S Mens Hockey team from their second [miracle-on-ice]. [Sidney Crosby] WAS the last to direct the Puck’s DESTINY to the net, but Jerome was the “Spotter” for Sidney’s SNIPING of the Yankee Net.

The reason for this post is that this view has escaped those of us here in the lower forty-eight, and it happened on the LAST DAY of Black History Month.

Our President has inherited a maelstrom of stupidity from many years of consumer arrogance, and outright idiocy, locked like a female Great Dane to a Chihuahua stud… It was an amazing “ride”, but the heights that were needed to sustain it have been terminal. The “thing” that I’m alluding to here is that for ALL the HYPE that we’ve heard about this nation called America has, ( PUNISHINGLY.), told the world of how the MELTING POT was designed, and formed here the sad fact is that WE have failed to FILL IT with something that can keep ALL satiated… And adequately salivating afterwards.

If we took a cue from the last play of the last contest of these winter Olympics WE, as a NATION, would stop the ‘CANCER’ of politics, (small letters, big problems.), and race, (etc. squared.). Make ‘Mister President’, Barack Hussein Obama “GIT’ER-DONE”, (!!!!!!!), without the czars and “BUTT-LOAD”, ( Essentially, that’s exactly what these people are. ), of new “CABINETRY”. And SPEND THE MONEY ON WORK DONE BY THE PEOPLE. In an appropriate enough number that a House payment can be made along with a good enough meal that clothes WON’T fall off, but you won’t have to use THIRTY HECTRES of flax to make ONE shirt. TOGETHER, as in a group that accept the challenges but NEED their hand in its making. NOT placed in the corporate hands that DON’T USE A ZIP CODE.

There IS a lesson here. It is that we MUST use all who WANT “to play”, the “best” WILL find their way FOR THEIR TEAM TO REACH the FINAL GOAL.

Take the time to read the red octagon… that’s what the whole thing IS ABOUT.


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  1. Shalanda Kass / Mar 6 2010 9:42 pm

    Firstly, let me commend your clarity on this subject. I am not an expert on this issue, but after reading your article, my understanding has improved well. Please permit me to snatch your rss feed to remain in touch with any potential updates. Positive job and will offer it on to friends and my blog readers.


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