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March 17, 2010 / alghaumon

Green + Orange = Brown


Tis” MY day of birth, fifty-six long,tough years of being a Brown Man in a “pale” world.

This will be short. If any of you reading this remember your pigment color mixing chart from grade school the warring factions of Catholic and Protestant Faiths could easily be reduced if they learned what they “TEACH” IN THEIR CLASSROOMS. If you take the colors mentioned in the title you get the blessed colour of the EARTH that WE all come FROM, and RETURN TO… BROWN.

Being a “BIT” separated from the angers and HATREDS that have plagued the EMERALD ISLE for TOO long I just wanted to impart that tidbit if HOPE.

And, for ALL those non-citizen IRISH of African ancestry THIS IS the day when HAMHOCKS and SHAMROCKS have their ‘JIVE’.

Thank you, Mr. Guinness.



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  1. urlop nad morzem / Dec 4 2010 9:57 am

    Beginning to dislike this junk e-mail from posting persons on the blogs… Your blog looks as free without… Do You wish to help me and point to all the method acting you are using if You’re fighting with the robots? TX

  2. omegetymon / Dec 12 2010 7:54 pm

    My rule is to visit the culprit then deliver THRICE as much POOP as they placed. That is all that should be done to children.


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