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March 30, 2010 / alghaumon

Time’s Mark On The Soundness of “REAGANOMICS”

To the many ROUGE cheeked “Tea TOTALERS” that have held their [Limp-paw] as close to their vests as any Bugs Bunny-esque Napoleon can. The State of California will [HONOR] their Star/ President, [Ronald Reagan] with a fitting recognition of his latterly famous economic gift to the nation, (The earlier being the firing of the nation’s [Union] air traffic controllers after “serving” as President of the [Screen Actors Guild], during which time he was a dedicated Twenty MULE team Democrat.)

As the Sarah Palin Saga continues to build throughout the ‘TWEEDLE’ family get togethers around the country it’s good to know that the Republican Party continues to lead the way in making sure that the “LAND of the F(R)EE will remain a priority within the ranks.



The “ensuing” event is, definitely, proof POSITIVE that the road that so many have enjoyed, to this point, was paved with SUB-PAR engineering and materials. It reminds me of two great thoughts that are millenia apart…

#1.) time: tells the truth. People: Call TIME a LIAR. TIME: CORRECTS people.

#2.) The Riddle of the Sphynx= What animal walks on FOUR LEGS in the Morning, TWO LEGS in the Afternoon and THREE LEGS in the EVENING ? ( ‘Man’. An Infant= crawling ON “all FOURS”, Childhood to Maturity= walking on “BOTH” feet and in the “advanced years” assisted by a CANE.) Today, this has been simplified to wearing DIAPERS at our beginning AND end. Giving an extremely crass view of the Reaganomical “TRICKLE-DOWN THEORY”.



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