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April 28, 2010 / alghaumon

SO, They “SPEAK”‘English’ In Alabama

As most of the United States’ citizenry have found the DUMBING DOWN of the populace has made our basic workforce increasingly less competitive.Now we have a SECOND generation POLI-, (Another word for MANY.), -TICIAN, (As in Ticks, 1.- A small BLOOD SUCKING parasite, or 2.- An uncontrollable gesture/ action of a person.), seeking the vote of those that would punish the brilliance of one NEWLY to this NATION by forcing the IMMEDIATE change to a language that MOST of the native born find hard to do themselves. As an example, the Columbus Dispatch newspaper reduced the grade level, (As in education.), of articles available to their readership from the Seventh/ Sixth grade competency to the FOURTH grade level. To “increase” the reader’s ability to “get the news QUICKER” they made the second page a group of journalistic ‘DICK and JANE’, two sentence dissertations of “informative” might.

Now [TIM JAMES], SON OF FORMER Alabama Governor Bob James, ( Googled, this name refers the inquirer to the [JAZZ]musician.), is laying his campai(g)n on the strong suite of [STANDING ON THE STEPS] of “EDGE-UH-MAH-QUE’-SHUN”,trying to force those that “DON’T belong, BUT WANT to BELONG” to follow the “leader” by having as great a grasp of the “formalities” of the [\”ENGLISH\”] language AS “EVERY OTHER” State citizen.

As [LINDA ELLERBEE] used to say, at the close of her children’s news show, “AND SO IT GOES”.

A significant update was posted in the April 28,2010 [NEW YORK TIMES], proving that without those that SPEAK SOMETHING more historically aged than the colloquialistic butchering of King Georges language. The preservation of how the WORLD’S citizenry communicated.



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