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June 12, 2010 / alghaumon

This Land Was…

… OUR [\”LAND\”]. And at 234 years old the youth of this ‘Nation’s’ “culture” is gaining a quick and “gorgeous” patina. As we travel this precarious road to a maturity those that believe that THEY CONTROL the existence of BILLIONS are finding that they CANNOT anymore.

WE, of this nation, have “grown” to flex muscles that have been trained to perform lightly, it’s tough to compete with those that know how to not feel true pain. And those that have been fed a diet of pain-killers… WE ARE a group of medicated malcontents and have forgotten the days of bread lines and families hopping trains to get to a “better” life. [Arlo\’s] dad was one such and wrote a “moving’ tune of what “LIFE” was through the eyes of the gifted traveler. ( When reading this “parody” the, usually, bracketed words will just be capitalized. It will be up to you to “find” their intended meanings.) At that I hope that this borrowed ANTHEM will get your mind AND attitude moving.

this land’s not your land, this land was “my” land

from California to de-towered New York island

from the charred wood forests to the oiled Gulf waters

this land has blame for you and me

as I’m now walking each ribbon called highway

I saw above me that HARRP crossed skyway

I saw below me the GOLDLESS valley

this land has blame for you and me

I “flummed” (FLUMMOX) and SCRAMBLED and followed bushed footsteps

to the arsenic sands of her “diamond-ette” deserts

while all around me a voice was sighing

this land has blame for you and me

should the sun start shining I’ll, still, be strolling

with FAKE wheat fields caving, and new DUST clouds rolling

a voice is chanting, as a FOG is gripping

this land has blame for you and me

this land was your land, this land was “my” land

from California to the New York island

from the Redwood forests, to the Gulf STREAM waters

this land WAS made for you and me


Those that we’ve elected to the offices, Senatorial or ‘CON’-Gressional, have lived as the MOST overt whores to walk the streets of ANY “capitaled” center of government in history… Babylon to Munchen to Daidu to Pretoia and London. We’ve just gotten to be able to scrub the crust from the blush hued lenses we were told we “NEEDED”. The problem is that this task is being accomplished with a handful ACID and a pail of snake-oil as lubricant.

When this land was first visited by the VIKINGS the FIERCEST of nations had the intelligence to leave the original people alone… WHO has fought for the freedom of the WHALE and the Gobi lately ? It’s a sure “bet” that they don’t own a Yacht. An Air-boat to be sure.

America is going to lose the KEYES to “her” PLYMOUTH.



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