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June 18, 2010 / alghaumon

The UNEMPLOYED Need NOT Apply (!?!)

For the [MANY] that haven’t had the JOY of blearily rousting ourselves from a perfectly good beta-prone state the “new” version of being a good citizen is the cup of Hemlock served like a “Star- bucked”crappacino.

Even though Congress passed the [H.I.R.E. Act] the [9.7 total/ 15.5 % \”black\”] “native-born” Americans now, (STILL!), not on a corporate payroll are nearing their third tier of the U.S. twin to [UB40], and NOT “falling IN LOVE with it.

As I was about to perform the weekly, required, “task” of applying for a position within a company’s “dock” space I passed the ‘Saloogle’ news byte that when filling in the 14 paged applicationĀ  it got to page 9, question H., asking why there was a gap of EIGHT MONTHS since I worked for “Remedial Strafing Co.”,came the truth that I was performing a feat of [FUTILITY].

It’s not that I can’t be enterprising… I currently have an Oral Health product that will ONLY take TWO POINT SIX GRAND, ($), to prototype and get to the approximately 141,900 Dentists as of 2008, (down from 175,705 in 2006. Folks is losing “theys’ jobs ALL OVER !), their message across to our children.

No matter what, the INSULT to the injury of not continuing to have an hourly wage of $21.50, in MORE than one building (!), is sorely missed come rent and grocery time… BUT, to have the proverbial door summarily slammed upon, now, nailless fingers frantically grasping for that seam of AUgust hope. And to have it done by those that continue to replace “me” with those who DON’T use a ZIP code for their mailing address…

…But, they have a new [WAVE] to surf Wall Street for profits.



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