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August 3, 2010 / alghaumon

From a “Simple” TEA PARTY

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

It’s been 236 years since the original [BOSTON TEA PARTY], 239 since the [BOSTON MASSACRE]. Most “Americans” have no idea that for all their ‘Patriotism’ that the leading named figure of the massacre AND the tea party [MOVEMENT] ARE…


… But TOO many of those symbiotes drawing their social “educations” from Murdocks and Disneys DON’T know WHO the “ENEMY” really IS. The racial Tapeworms continue to feed on the nutritions called DIALOG thereby depriving this nation the necessary fuels for TRUE growth.

Just 16 years after the original ‘Tea Party’ the same folks that presented New York harbor with ‘la Liberté éclairant le mond’ threw together their own ” I’m MAD as hell and I’m NOT going to take it ANYMORE”… called the [FRENCH REVOLUTION].

It appears to me that the anger and, ( WARRENTED), distrust of those that WE DID select to DO WHAT WE ASK(ED) just may be sneaking toward such a horizonal zenith. The [BELLS] tinkle around this nation faster than the best Morse code operator, and yet we salivate pools of anger and hate… not really knowing WHY.

The yeast of poor education and political apathy are the perfect ingredients for a recipe of/for North American [GULAGS]. The sad truth is that they’ve been in place long enough that when the “tea party” really gets to a roil the nation just might get to know what the [\”THIRTEENERS\”] were alluding to.

And it grows in such a way that the parades to the, as yet unimproved, [GUILLOTINE] WILL have people of EVERY COLOUR gathering to view the “Red Queen’s” famous quote. Will America toast the coming “change” with a CRIMSON hued tea ?

I may be wrong, but wouldn’t YOU want a [a SIGN] on this road that we’re traveling along ?



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