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September 4, 2010 / alghaumon

Obama NEEDS Cousins Bob and Weave

Whenever there’s an “altercation”, ( a non-sanctioned [“TOUGHMAN“] contest], between two, ( or more.), individuals resulting in the P-p-p-POLICE being called to the scene and making arrests the offender of the “first punch” generally is guilty. This is legally termed [ASSAULT and BATTERY].

There appears to be a concerted effort of “first punches” being “media- Ocrely” thrown by Republican MAX SchMELLings, (Bush and Rove[rer]), of the Grand Old Poops toward the very [BREADBASKET], (your [ANTAGONYM] of the article.), of this Nation… Current “leadership” and Citizenry. A pristine example of our (American) political situation can be found in the very two pugilistic matches of one Joseph Louis Barrow and Maximillian Adolph Otto Siegfried Schmeling. ‘Negroid’- American Champion versus ‘Aryan’ Champion. The “Brown Bomber” versus The “Black [UHLAN] of the Rhine”. In the first meeting Max took TWELVE rounds to knock out his “inferior” opponent. Somewhat like this moment in time’s situation of the Obama “reign”. They, (Louis and Obama.), relied on the training in just their “local” arenas, not taking account of having to swim in bigger “fish” ponds and with different fauna.

As THE “news” Agencies have told ALL Americans that they’d like to see an assassination . Or that the President was born in [ANOTHER COUNTRY]. How can “most” Americans NOT know the he’s Christian after the Reverend [WRIGHT] slanders? AND to add as much injury to [INSULT] are jousting with history itself.

Have ANY of you heard a cheer for our troops having, (mostly), left IRAQ ? Have YOU heard an APOLOGY…

for these previous eight years? (ONLY for comedy.)

As we get closer to this nation getting ready to VOTE, ( On SUPER TUESDAY remember to choose the SOUP !), for a continued “change” or the REINSTATEMENT of decline…

1924-1951: Prescott Bush, (G.H.W. &…), HELPED HITLER’S [\”CAUSE\”]*

1971: Richard Milhous Nixon, REMOVES the GOLD [STANDARD].

2002: George Walker Bush, BEGINS IRAQ WAR, (“just beCAUSE”.)*

The Tea Parties and their followers are actually quite forgetful of the facts of how well the “trickle down” worked through companies like [ENRON], the “Bailout” [RECIPIENTS], and [ HALLIBURTON]. It’s nothing for WASPS to attempt to sting to death the NEW HOMEOWNER when the “former tenant” actually wiped out their NESTS.

But, the NEW RESIDENT and CHIEF hasn’t said, OR “DONE” much about the annoying buzz. Once in a while swatting one that gave a sting. He has to wait and see if the contractors he’d called are to stay on the job or if the Wasps have scared them away.

None the less, the first fight is over and the NEXT TWO YEARS just may see as much resolve from Obama as that which retrained The other Brown “BAUMAH” into HIS return of [FAVOR]. Isn’t it ODD that 12 to 1 ISN’T such a good ratio in this instance ? Someone has been doubling the odds and daring their opponent to cry FOUL. Obama needs to be talking to his cousins at the [KRONK]… their names are Bob and “Weave”. And by the looks of it the “pride” are tring to TAG-TEAM their way back into power…

Update: (09/12/2010):NYT, [OP-ED]. Take note of Barry Blitt’s ‘TOON.



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