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September 20, 2010 / alghaumon

SELF Vetting Candidates

How utterly [UNIQUE]. A NEWLY chosen candidate for the Republican Party has emerged as THE MOST refreshing person, for EITHER party, to come to the [FORE] of the representation of national legislation for some time.

[CHRISTINE O\’DONNELL] is too honest for the national “news” [CUISINARTS] that have so joyously been set up better than ANY [I.E.D.] packed avenue in Afghanistan OR Iraq. Yes, SHE DID have a “youthful fling” that DID lead to a stint at an [ALTER].

That aside, it appears that the State of Delaware MIGHT be the first, ( AGAIN!), to experiment with electing someone who has NO political SAVVY, SCHMUCKDOM, SLEAZINESS or CHARLITANISM. THAT would, definitely, be another FIRST.

I don’t know about YOUR qualifications for who you want to DO WHAT is best FOR YOU. But isn’t it refreshing to know that WE have, finally, witnessed the event of an “everyday JANE” being, (possibly?), sent to sit near the Potomac River and be as CONFUSED, AT FIRST, as ANY of US ? Someone that will be so utterly dismissed that their “contemp-(t)-oraries” WILL be thrown so completely off guard when they are “SCHOOLED” in the “of the people, by the people, for the people” that has been buried in some vault in PHILADELPHIA for the past 175 years. Remember that WE’VE placed too many blood sucking, ( compound word= poli- ticks.), politicians, (redundant huh ?),IN seats that WE pay for, but think THEY OWN.

For a guy that worked for the election of two Presidents I do believe that if we’re to send someone we should make it one that WANTS to PROVE that THEY BELONG in that chair. AND KNOW WHO the TRUE OWNERS ARE. I’ve found that those get told that they DON’T BELONG usually show that they have better reason than those “popular” KIDS.

Now that Ms. O’Donnell has been pushed into her first, shaky step let’s see how fast she gains her balance to run through, then past, the herd.

High Road Flicka ?

If she wins let’s hope that ‘Senator’ O’Donnell can keep her “head” and get those furlongs that this country needs to “win the race” of LEADERSHIP.

Update: As most, who attempt to be elected, theĀ  personal [\”WEALTH\”] tells a lot about them. BUT, in this current time of AMERICA there seems to be more AVERAGE “folk” pursuing the road to represent that area of the ‘CONSTITUENCY’. Is this a sign of the times ? Or a case of someone “undressing while the drapes are OPEN ?



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