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September 27, 2010 / alghaumon

With ALL the VENOM I Can Muster

I refrain from addressing you as “Mister”… Or “Dear”, because this post IS NOT one of ANY inkling of cordiality whatsoever.

To: Barack, (who I thought was sane.), Obama,

First, and foremost, I am NOT afraid to let you know what I [LOOK] like. I’m getting “old” and so there can be no fear of losing ANYTHING. The policies and (in-)actions of the past TEN YEARS have taken away close to all that I hold/ HELD important.

YOU promised CHANGE, THAT you HAVE. BUT, the change has been YOU, and your GEPPETTOS, having NOT recended the idiocy of the PATRIOT ACT… GIVING OUR tax Dollars to those who HAVE FULL BANK ACCOUNTS, but won’t bequeath a means to EARN IT. Those of U(.)S(.) that ARE seeking to LOWER this NATION’S [DEFICIT] by PRODUCING more and better [COMMONLY] USABLE items.

As I sat to read the internet “news” I scrolled to a new SHAM, that you’re attempting to run along side your, ( now it seems NOT so DISTANT.), Cousin G.W.’s disassembly of FREEDOM through the PATRIOT ‘ACT’. Not to mention that of his [GRANDPA\’S] previous contributions. You’ve made many of the oppressive elite extremely comfortable during this time of THEFT and LIES. HOW can you FIX something that CONTINUES ITS OWN SELF DESTRUCTION !?!

WHO can sing, or even REMEMBER the words to [\”HOME\”] ON The RANGE ? (The tune has an interesting twist to it now.)

But, the main ‘reason’ for this is that amongst ALL the INSSEIN /INSANE ideas that you’re FOISTING upon the VOTING citizenry is the “[SOD-][O-][MY-][NA-][TION]” of free thinking that STALIN AND MAO could ONLY wish they’d had.

At this I can SINCERELY say that those of ANY RACE that you “represent”, as well as those that have claimed to adhere to the “platform” of DEMOCRACY, as the DEMOCRATIC Party has lead most to LIVE, can ONLY view your tenure as SAD and un-refreshingly BRIEF. The saddest part of SUFFERING at the manipulations of what COULD have been AMERICA’S AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT is that YOU DON’T COME CLOSE TO CARING THAT THOSE WHO WENT SO FAR OUT ON THEIR LIMBS DON’T HAVE TIME TO SCRAMBLE BACK AS YOU, (And your predecessor!), LOP OFF SUCH [LIMBS]!!!!

These actions that you, and those that rode into town with you, just may have given those that we ‘know’ are “A’GIN” U(.)S(.) the best possible chance to have EVERY ONE of who they want seated in Washington, D.C. IN a BRAND NEW CHAIR.

This IS how ANGRY “I” am. And, by the looks of it, there ARE going to be [7.3%] that will have had enough also. Remember, (and I don’t EVEN LIKE this man.), a [JUDAS GOAT] HAS NOWHERE TO GO AFTER HE FINISHES HIS TERM OF “SERVICE”.

My question is: HOW can YOU do THIS to SO MANY that saw something/ SOME-ONE BETTER ?

A few days ago I received an AUTOMATED phone call, with your VASELINED timber HAWKING Ted Strickland… I HUNG UP immediately. Mary Jo Kilroy has been a MIRACULOUS “servant” OF the PEOPLE/ FOR the PEOPLE. How do YOU think your PROXIMITY will HELP these GOOD folk remain in a position to HELP THEIR NEIGHBORS ?

When WE began our push to see YOU become who you “are” , not what you are, WE were APPALLED at Liz Trotta, and others, suggesting your “demise”. We had NO IDEA that it would be self inflicted.

Electronically Signed : D’Ellis Ricardo McCammon, DISGRUNTLED AFRICAN-AMERICAN CITIZEN.

After the rant 1: Republics “think” you’ve read their [PLAYBOOK]… Or did you write it ? Maybe just offered to be the “running EDITOR”.

pOST sCRIPT: My Grand Mother always, sincerely, told me that “G-D don’t like UGLY!”. The night after I finished this post I went to bed and woke with a terrible pain on my leg… I’d been bitten by a Brown Recluse. My leg,now, has a crater the size of a Royal Troon sand trap and growing. G-D DOES work in mysterious ways. Sunday, 03/2010/10. She’s right, truth does hurt.



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