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October 20, 2010 / alghaumon

Land ‘OF’ the “Free”…

This is “one” of the saddest moments of educational “news” that have been presented at one time. As a Dyslexic American I would have graduated last of the 575 men and women of my high school. But, of the measure that is being stretched by those that WERE given their educational ascendancies the following tidbits prove that I DIDN’T STOP “learning” after my departure.

“Flash”# 1: The ‘State’ of Arizona has become an actual [LIGHTNING ROD] to what those who enter this nation do so FOR. (How many “HITS” will it take for them to reset to a better position ? We WERE warned that seeking “shelter” under a Tree IS dangerous, even IF it IS the [ LIBERTY TREE].) And this may be the [TRUTH] to the growing belief that there is an agenda to wipe away “non- European” based history for the upcoming generations of NON EUROPEAN descended students being raised within these borders.

“Flash”# 2: The number Ten State, (of the original Thirteen.), has decided to help undermine the facts of the ‘NOIR’ side of the [THIRTEENTH AMENDMENT] by giving credence to the facts presented by those that sincerely NEED to “blanket their Mules”.

Final “Flash”# 3: As “the fastener to the topping of the deceased”, we arrive at the PERFECT reason of HOW this scenario WILL PLAY out, in the [NOT SO DISTANT \”FURTURE\”].

Our current ‘Leader’ promised CHANGE, it is NOT his fault that this CHANGE happens to be by those that accuse while destroying the thing that they SAY they revere above “ALL ELSE”, (EXCEPT M.O.N.E.Y. !).

If you can’t see [THE WRITING ON THE WALL] maybe it’s because you’ve gotten the facts through “committee” approved literatures.



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