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March 12, 2011 / alghaumon

In The Making of an “ENEMY”

If there is one constant in this life it is that there are no “two” things exactly alike. Octuplets may all have the same egg/ sperm combined singularity, but the PERSON that each of those divisions become are intrinsically as different as a Mahatma is to a Friar.

Why do I say this ? Because the politicians of this nation, (which was reportedly begun by a group of folk seeking [RELIGIOUS FREEDOM]), have returned to the old tactics of [JOSEPH RAYMOND McCARTHY]. The question is, why does this “dissimilarity” of faction, ( political views.), and Faith, have to, continually, be rallied by the CORRUPTIONS of power mongers during the times that THEY need to COVER their ‘SINS’ they’ve assisted to inflict on those they’re supposed to SERVE? ( Do YOU, (think), believe that [\”HALF\’\’- BROTHERS] don’t love each other ?),

Why do we continue to allow men of weak abilities attempt to puff ethers past our sphincters when the job they promised to do is BEYOND THEIR CAPACITY? Or real DESIRES.

A nation can still induce another to create a STRONG environment that WILL SERVE both just by setting the example and allowing that other nation to learn how it was done. NO FORCE, NO SUBTERFUGE, the only enticements are PEACE and SHARED prosperity.

My last thought is this, WHO has put Peter King “up” to this nonsense? He’s of the age that this next example of terse-type should be something that should weigh upon the opposite side of the scale’ s cup he’s loading with Disaster.

Aren’t there ENOUGH infinitesimals that we “HAVE” to contend with daily? WITHOUT having a SELF APPOINTED Prophet/ PROFITEER drumming up business for those that don’t care about OUR WELL BEING ?



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