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April 8, 2011 / alghaumon

Our World 04/08/2011

There’s War on three fronts, should learn LESSONS just ONCE
For the “sale”, they’re NOT ready just yet.

“We” reward, then then remove if the ‘gime won’t fit the Democratic groove

Greed’s made this slope the slipperiest yet.

Now the “home front” is gone as WE bailed out THEIR bonds

And, the “HATTERS” sit by with their TEA.

The elected do squabble while families can’t find a hovel,

It’s as if the rich scripted this play.

As sides define their CHOICE telling femmes “YOU’VE NO VOICE !

For world mayhem your child is the fodder of gross display”.

So, you voted this way the house and senate are splayed

See the teeth marks as they turn away?

Now this terse is quite done reading it wasn’t fun and the anger has risen so high

But, I ask, if you will, if it’s worse even still, it’s OUR NATION,

you’re the Krill, will you ball up like fists for each sea ?
YOU know that you just can’t FLEE.





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