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June 7, 2011 / alghaumon

The ‘MEDIA’ Ain’t As Social Anymore

I don’t know about your online habits, but, when I Google-Up the “news” I try to let the author’s carrier(s) know how much said post has motivated my mind to the plus, or minus. Until a few months ago at the finish of an article it was easy to place an opinion within the little box at the bottom. Now there are an increasing number of on-line periodicals that ask for your comments, but steer you to Facebook, and the “like”, to register another way into one’s privacy.
I’ve just read the Miami Herald/ Greg Cote thought on LeBron James’ “shrinking” stardom during these NBA play-offs. Mr. Cote’s arguments are extremely pointed and grouped in the fifty-point circle.
As the point of witness there are many who have placed more value to the way that Mr. James is getting to HIS CHAMPIONSHIP RING than the way that he IS going about achieving it. I’m sure that there is more than ONE person who’d read the Cote terse, but I’ve come to notice that where there is a “social” mediary for someone’s DIRECT thought and opinion the time, trouble and INTERRUPTION OF said thought/ opinion Just isn’t worth the HASSLE.
I’m not certain HOW Yahoo gets their readership/ member-hood to become an (?)unpaid contributor, but I DO see that they are placing more of these folk all the time. Unlike having only one COMMENT for a “real” Journalist’s work.



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