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July 19, 2011 / alghaumon

Thanks For Asking

There’s not much to say about a dot com that uses a post that they’ve not written but generate SOME sort of revenue. Here’s the site,(broken,

File: Download
Filename: The Premonition « My Weblog: THNQ
Downloaded: 67 Times
Added: Tue Jul 20, 10 11:15 PM
Topic ID: 9867113
Status: Available
Ares Setup: Required

Source: The Premonition « My Weblog: THNQ

I came across, his ‘tag’ is: The Politics of Telecom, Media and Technology, this man Is knowledge able. ( Here are a few starting points, if this has peaked your interest. 1.) http://www. campaignlegalcenter .org- On the …

the above is what I’ve JUST FOUND, no contact of “Hello, MAY we use your work?” They’ve had SIXTY-FIVE downloads of my ‘work’, and officially haven’t dropped a line to me about it. These folks remind me of a Mr. “Murdock Brooks”. Thank goodness that I’m not into HACKING those that I find offensive.
These [\"FOLKS\"] “get” more than they need.
If anything they could tell me who downloaded the post.
As I looked into this further I [FIND] that this is far worse than I thought. TAKE DOWN BROKEN CONTROLLERS website.
Upon trying to notify GOOGLE about this I could NOT because I’m using LINUX. FIGURES, DON’T IT !?!
(There IS a problem with the site Broken They are stealing blog searches from site owners then using hidden metadata to load malware. I know that you’ve heard of this.I’d like to know WHAT your company is going to do about this.
Check out for more complete information.
I’m sure that the FCC would like to know about this in the wake of what’s happening in the MURDOCK “empire”.
It ill be “nice” to know what YOU find



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