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October 4, 2011 / alghaumon

By ANY Means Necessary : TWO

The front runner of the “LOONY LIDDED LOUTS”, (Tea Partiers.), have [PERSUADED] their

"BEST stud"

to [JOUST] with the President and, possibly, invite him to join Perry, and two [FRIENDS], at the [\"N\'HEAD\"].
With New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie declining the offer of chasing out the true [\"DARKHORSE\"] of the “PACHYDERM PRIDE”. Perry’s situation is getting tighter than a pair of ass-less chaps at a Colorado [RODEO].The “skills” being exhibited are showing a lot of time away from a saddle’s surface. And,so it is all too sad that in the [RUSH] to hyper-spf the preferred “candy-date” it seems that the coming election may be a “deep dish” delivery from “The PIZZA Guy”!


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  1. Graham Deitsch / Oct 18 2011 3:05 am

    Make an impression on I have to say it is good. Even creating that post must have taken you a seriously long time. Many thanks to your hard work!


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