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November 27, 2011 / alghaumon

The “WORLD” Respects Us…

…Because “we respect our leaders”. Or, how a “corporation” gives its respect.
It must have taken a lot of thought for JEI, Enterprises to make a second run at Barack Obama.( If this IS what they’ve done.) There’s nothing like taking a block of clay and turning it into an INSULT… or a “political” polling device. But, one of ANTEBELLUM, ( Latin for “before the war”), imagery. That w”ould be a “combination” of Plantational= slavery + “Civil” Rights= Huey P. Newton’s ‘Afro’ + a little bit of Emmitt Till “misunderstanding”.
The name, in itself says GOOD-BYE/ CHIAO in Italian, with a colloquialistic omission of pronouncing the “OH” in OBAMA. I’ll bet that the person that “OKAYED” the name believed that those viewing the sales pitch wouldn’t see it, but, would be told by their “brighter” friends.
Do these “people” really see Our/ THE President of the United States of America as one of “OUR GANG”? A Twenty-First CENTURY BUCKWHEAT or FARFINA that’s just filling in space until a “Spanky” can put “things back in order”?
Walgreens pulled it from their shelves in 2009, due to their viewing it as “racism”. Wired Magazine author, David Kravets put the category label as “The Ridiculous” . ( and, NO, I don’t believe that David is any kin to the neighbor Gladys KRAVITZ.)
I’ve NO idea why the company is attempting to do this stunt again but , when I tried to go directly to the site as it was advertised on T.V. the page wouldn’t load. It goes to “” which also doesn’t load. SOMETHING is amiss.
No matter, it is amazing that this type of dis-respect can be so easily allowed. IS it ANY wonder why your children have NO RESPECT for…
How it played in HOBOKEN.

"water-boarding Obama"

How far should “we” take this?



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