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December 7, 2011 / alghaumon

Caught In A Bureau: Ode TO the MINER revisited

Today, December 6, 2011, is the sad anniversary for the families of the TWENTY-NINE CORPORATELY murdered Upper Big Branch MINERS in West Virginia. The new ownership is to pay 209 MILLION DOLLARS in “RESTITUTION” for the LOST LIVES caused by the GREED of former owner Massey…(
There can be no “RESTITUTION” of a (LIFE LOST. But, the force of (greed seems to be growing and, the disease of want is spinning out of control. This happened just before these men were to sit down and give thanks for what little they “had”, for laying it ALL on the Veins of burnable dead plants that SOMEONE ELSE made “enough” to live in a building bigger than any TWENTY of their HOMES.
It’s the time that WE celebrate the BRAVERY that it takes for some GOOD FOLK to provide FOR THEIR FELLOW MAN.Clasp YOUR hands together. For the ‘REASON’ that we do. AND those that aren’t here TODAY…

As of today, April 7, 2010, the families of those at the [Massey Energy Co.] owned mine in Montcoal, West Virginia are GREAVING for men that had NO protection from the [GREED] of an owner AND the industry that feeds off human lives.

This is a reprint of a Jul 27, 2008 “omniscience” that came to my attention. In that, a small bit of history can be gathered on the West wall of the State Theatre of Ohio, where the precursor of the, NOW, United Mine Workers held an importantly historical “first” meeting. Here’s to an infinity of PRAYERS for these Men and Women , here in America, and [\”AROUND\” THE WORLD]. If there’s a cry to be heard it should it NOT continue to be muffled by the “DEPTH” of how far we’ll send another for OUR “COMFORT”.

They let you climb down into the burial grounds of thousands of years,

To take out the Anthracite from the tonnage of fears.

tough birds

tough birds

Canaries are pretty, their feathers like Suns,

Large families, small earnings for dubious funds.

Short lifetimes are simple with thanks for each day,

As Hank said, ‘A country boy finds the way’.

Mostly white on the outside their lungs black as the night

The suits down in Washington fill tomes of this plight.

Education is great when it’s theory and thoughts,

but you’ve just got to wonder, how many friends or family HAVE you lost?

If you kill too many of us then who ‘ll you get to go down

through the entrance of Hell for this energy found?

And as you find lawyers to argue each case

can the words on each page equal the tears down each face?

So when your beloved demands that nip tuck

WILL you show us the government agencies DO give a…. ?

As "half-a-man" he's still more MAN

As "half-a-man" he's still more MAN

This was written for the men, women, AND children that make sure that we can power our machines to give our say to the world. We should NUDGE the suits in Washington and each COAL producing state to do the right thing for the very few who make energy in America, and other countries possible.


A member of Local #12 SALUTES you ALL ! PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.

Update:The “problem” of being set between the duty to family and one’s ‘job’ is not what we used to know. Since Matwan those that were to help protect are blurring the lines. Just WHO is standing point AND rear guard for the laborer here ? It appears to be those with MONEY to invest… ‘PAPER’ over PEOPLE. [FOR THOSE “ROADWAYS”]

Update:06/06/2011-From the ASSOCIATED PRESS…

Sometimes the catching UP process is worth the TRIP.

Update: 07/10/2012
National Public Radio held an interview that should send a sudder throughout the WORLD’S MINING COMMUNITY…


This bit of information “MAY” have some bearing on the Corporation’s “conditions” in their wording, and accepted responsibililties when the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT finds its foundation.



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