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December 18, 2011 / alghaumon

Celebrating ‘Eternals’

Is this the cataclysmic culmination of the Mayan “Cease” and the Christo-Peagan celebration, (Business MONTHS of…) Christ’s Mass?
In the year before that which is “said” to be our “last” it IS planning extraordinaire that the “birth” day of of a Holy Man would occur on the same day, ( SUNDAY December 25, 2011.), of designated worship for those that Gregory and Constantine have “guided”.
Will any that are, due to a set of a perturbed THESIS, be educated enough to know, and enjoy, the irony of this curious entwining of so different a triangulation of TIME, TEMPERAMENT and TRADITION?
Prediction is for Crystal Balls and Horse racing. Existance and BELIEF are equal to the circumference of the UNIVERSE and, the FURLONGS to reach our Creator.

… And after some thought…



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