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January 10, 2012 / alghaumon

the “New” Slaveries

( As a special note, I must apologize that the reader must cut and paste to link to the “points” in parentheses.)

These United States of America have seen the welcoming of the “foreigner” as a “blessing”… ( You’ll notice that the Europeans ARE “the gracious host”.)

Now a-days WE KNOW BETTER.If the ‘PEOPLE’ had their Time-Machine…

we would be in a much different world. BUT ‘WE ARE NOT’ !

We’ve “grown” into something that IS one of the more interesting configurations of a “society”, HOW that was accomplished IS subject to a debate that may happen sooner than WE want. IT’S ELECTION TIME! The “ways” brought here have always had the feel of “vested benevolence”. The MEN getting together to distribute that “power” that they rested from the “ground”, ( food/ farming/ land/ manufacturings.),and the underlying reprobatous view of “THOSE” not like them.It has always been about the needs of the few outweighing the (TRUE) needs of the many. Even though we’ve been taught that “DEMOCRACY” is a group of people getting together to live by agreed upon rules of ALL CONDUCT beneficial TO ALL of THAT group’.Social,Societal. Monetary and the like. EVERYONE that WANTS to participate is counted as their ONE increment to the completion of the WHOLE. The various “groups” that have come to make America the HISTORICALLY SHORT-TERMED “strength” that it IS are now being cajoled and PAVLOVED into making decisions they really know AREN’T good for them.

When I was a child my Father had a friend who made a living as an Insurance agent. One day I heard this man say ” Listen. You’re either ” SELLING, or YOU’RE SOLD” !!!

Our current “education” systems have decided on BOWING to the Corporate mandates of removing the things that foster CREATIVITY, (Music and Art.), have implemented changes to the AVAILABLE FACTS of the HISTORY of THIS NATION’S VARIED PEOPLES, (
text5/text5read.htm), and WHAT the “power brokers”/ boardroom presidents/ elected officials have/ ARE telling the BROKEN, (,9171,143633,00.html)- (
So, as the “larger” “vested” group of this country’s IDENTITY has been RAPED, by those they ENTRUSTED to MAINTAIN those PROMISED FREEDOMS. Those ‘same’ ‘Tic(k)s’ are sneeking into the minds of these folk through the REINSTATED fears and prejudices, (, that many HAD hoped were damped away in 1964, (

Ever since S.C.O.T.U.S. determined that a CORPORATION was a “person”, (, the onslaught of WHO REALLY DECIDES our elections, (, ASSURES that the sons of the “south” have truly risen AGAIN.

There’s a “new” SLAVERY “coming” to this country, and this “election” is SCREAMING the locations of WHO goes “WHERE”. The sad part of this scenario is that the truism of “THOSE THAT CAN’T REMEMBER THE PAST ARE CONDEMNED TO REPEAT IT“. ( George Santayana)

I do hope this last article graphic explains “ENOUGH” to the reader.



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