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January 18, 2012 / alghaumon

“Drape” Pulling 101

This is easier than you THINK. WILLIAM MCGURN has a new article that was prominently offered by Google “News” for the WALL STREET JOURNAL. (
903842171724.html) Yes, JUST one “OF” Murdoch’s massed “mavens” of murcky* mash.( Or any of the OTHERS I could have ALLITERATED too.)
William McGurn is an American writer. He was the chief speechwriter for
President George W. Bush from June 2006 until February 2008.
Read this guy’s “work”. It doth appear that his “job description” was merely transferred to another location.
The “freedoms” that these folks TALK of us losing are just their ‘friends’ thefts by DECEPTION.

Do you know what TIME you were BORN ? Especially the MINUTE?
* this isn’t a mis-spelling. It’s the “dyslexical” combination of murky, and mucky… two appropriate descriptions. And lazy.

Update “4/9-11”
Ladies and Gentlemen… RICK SANTORUM IS the “offical WINNER” of the IOWA caucuses !?! ( AGAIN, you’ve been doused with the TV news’ STANDARD formula of “INSTANT IDIOT“, they pour it ALL over your Television screen. And the newer technologies do so in “THREE- DIMENTIA”!



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