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February 5, 2012 / alghaumon

Drape Pulling 101.4

Hello, this is the last scheduled professional football game of a season. AND I didn’t want to travel “ALL” the way from the couch to this desk.I’d decided to avoid the varied journalistic BOOGUMING for quiet solitudinal whatever.

GOOGLE NEWS: an article by Peter Bella, of the agenda factory the WASHINGTON TIMES, ( reverend MOON/ the Unification Church.),channeled this. (

Amazing how long that was, huh? Since the identification coding is a dissertation in itself my premise is this. Mr. Bella asserts that the planned parenthood organization “BUILT” the maelstrom that we’ve witnessed these past days, the Komen women had “notified” planned parenthood in DECEMBER. His basics are that with that much time the “offended” spent a lot of resources to craft “SYMPATHY” for what Komen’s decision was. In the fact that Susan G. Komen’s action illicited that “sympathy” Mr. Bella is very correct. The SAD part of his foundation of thought / DIRECTIVE is that the executives of Susan G. Komen HAD MORE TIME to formulate ALL the possible scenarios of the repercussions SURROUNDING said boardroom door. THE ACTION WAS A KNOWN Peter!

The worst part of the Washington Times post is that a “STROM McCarthy TIMBRE can be FELT more than “heard”. It’s Titanium STRONG.

When an entity with the established foundation of focus that the Komen Foundation has is SULLIED by those that would let those WITHOUT the OVARIES TO UNDERSTAND it’s the moment to look around, AND WITHIN, and “SHORE UP”, “BATTEN DOWN” the mental, spiritual hatches of the largest ALL/ FOR WOMEN built VESSEL of HEALTH. At this rate the POLITICS of this “NATION” will be doing the same about WHO can BREATHE the AIR.

The FACT of this Washington Times article IS that IT WAS WRITTEN BY A ‘MAN’! Is HE married ? Does HE have a DAUGHTER!?! WHAT DOES HIS MOTHER think ABOUT…? There will always be , at the LEAST, TWO SIDES to anything, ( that’s why Women “like” Diamonds.), but no matter WHAT “side” one is “ON”, IF it is for ANY WOMAN YOU(‘VE) KNOWN PAY CLOSE ATTENTION,YOU are supposed to HAVE HER BACK… AND THAT IS a “SIDE”!

And, for a reference point to Mr. Bella. How can you write something like this? For WHO you wrote it “FOR”? Could YOU NOT know what the “FOUR POSITION FOUNDATION” is? It’s like the STEELY DAN song… BARRYTOWN.


Update, 02/07/2012:
Well, it seems that the situation that Mrs. Handel made everyone “get-a-hold-OF” was too hot, “A-TOPIC”, to continue to a complete gestation. ( The lines are drawn for this quarter and Karen has COST the TEAM too much yardage. Nancy Brinker, the Komen Foundation FOUNDER, has “alowed” Mrs. Handel to QUIT the TEAM before she causes too many more blatant fouls.



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