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February 22, 2012 / alghaumon

Peace Needs to Be LENT to THE WORLD

For all the postureings and innuendo being “officiously official” handed about this nation now I have an EXPERIMENT for those that claim to be educated enough to lead this nation. Knowing that there’s at least TWO that claim such THEY can “LEAD” the lesser honed minds, since they call themselves DOCTORS.
Since the ENTIRETY of those jockeying to become the next “Presiding” of the ‘Fifty-pus Fourteen’, ( 14= all recognized U.S. TERRITORIES.), all access to be, (This is for Franklin Graham.),the ONE-of-FIVE of the,
( List_of_Christian_denominations),

approximately 38,000 types of CHRISTIANITY on record with the I.R.S..

So, with the “DIVERSITY” of “THOUGHT’ that MUST be available, AND this being the day before “EVERY” ‘Christian’ GIVES-“up” something that could improve their contact with GOD WOULDN’T it be GLORIOUS for FRANKLIN to urge the ‘flock’ to RID THEMSELVES of these THREE, (YES, there IS a SIGNIFICANCE.), SINS / “PEBBLES” for the NEXT FORTY DAYS !?!
They ARE:
1.) GREED. Buying the “influences” of what a Person ‘wants’ for their life is like asking them to strike a match just after you’ve poured Gasoline over everything they know and have… with THEIR MONEY. Do they really want YOU to “have” all those things while the citizenry of this EARTH go without ?

2.) HATE. From the smallest to the most blatant. From a STILL sitting “journalist’ in the pay of a barely legal ‘ALIEN’ that called for the assassination of a President, to the offspring of the “Executive Branched-American “POPE” authoritatively stating that the Man in this Nation’s Highest office ISN’T as CHRISTIAN as those “fine WHITE folks” that HAPPEN to BE HIS GRANDPARENTS… And from the fine State of KANSAS. If a “balance is needed KANSAS would be a geographic fulcrum point.

3.) PRIDE. The thought that what you “do”, or where you’re “from” has been so blown out of proportion… “WE come from the SAME basic CELL SET. THE FLATWORM, but the problem of educational quickness is lost on humans since a Flatworm ‘KNOWS’ the SAME amount when IT reproduces.

If CHristians gave ‘UP’ these things for forty days imagine the wonder from those that attempted to emulate such.


I wonder of WHO KNOWS LENT.. in their HEART… and in their LIFE ?



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