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April 22, 2012 / alghaumon

The Post That Wrote Itself

It’s not often that when one wakes, then totters to the keyboard, that they sit in the path of a Fluke for a “WHALE of a story”.It seems as if “EVERY” outline and margin note has been left in the presented story, and all that must be done is to extrapolate on some of the probable surrounding mental wraiths that were present during construction.

The article is from Great Britain’s TELEGRAPH, inciting either a ‘snigger’, to a “behind” the Proctor for Alter-boys, GUFFAW…

Australian speaker steps aside over sexual harassment claims
The Speaker of the Australian Parliament, *Peter Slipper, has stepped aside amid claims he sent lurid text messages and sexually harassed a male aide, in a further setback for Julia Gillard’s beleaguered government.

harassment-claims.html )

The fact that the folks “WE’RE” placing into responsiblity seem to be consistently unable to wall off their proclivities “of”, so that the “Machine’s” gearing doesn’t become littered with the “renderings” of those they consider Human Gristle by the sordid “snacking” at their “desks”.

Oh, yes… “Slipper is chancellor of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC), having succeeded Michael Atkinson. In 2008, he was ordained as a priest of the Anglican Catholic Church in Australia which is a member church of the Traditional Anglican Communion and considered part of the international Continuing Anglican movement.”
Thomas Jefferson was correct in separating “CHURCH and STATE.


(And, the Catholic Church wants to ‘PUNISH‘ American (“NONES”) / NUNS!)

Do YOU wonder at WHAT his parents were “thinking” when they “blessed” this man with this name? “Come ON, Hermione, it’s a VERB besides a NOUN!”

Like the title says…



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