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April 30, 2012 / alghaumon

Taking It Out On A PETRIFIED “Horse”

For a many number of months and articles I’ve told the FEW readers of them of an INNOVATION that has NEED of being brought into production and USE. It’s been tottering on the FUNDLY site for a few months now with NOT ONE Being taking the TIME to THINK about what it represents to the HEALTH RESEARCH “COMMUNITY’S” FUNDING capabilities.

If this were to be thought of in the situation OF societal progress the basic scenario would be that of the step from a Horse drawn Carriage to the ‘TUCKER’. Both accomplish the tasks they’re for. But, the technology of each’s day IS still viable for each, though the TUCKER has the more advantages in a more advanced… ADVANCING… ARENA.

I “GOOGLED” “best fundraising ideas for Cancer foundations” and got 1,660,000 results. For the same query, but inserting HEALTH the number sprang to 3,720,000 results. They ALL use the same basic, interdisciplinary ‘tools’. If “our” health is so important why are “we” using the same “rocks to wash our clothes” when there are machines available to get the “job” done? Does it really matter that rock was your Great-Grandmother’s? ( You’re Thirty-Three years old, and have lived TWO years past her!)

Entities like Susan G. Komen have had different organizational lapses that ARE affecting their abilities to SERVE those that were the CENTER of their PURPOSE. Yet… they have NOT ventured to ‘study’ a possible “NEW,(and “nutritious”!), CARROT” for the ‘WARRENS’ and “SEED STOCK” for the “CLUTCHES”, that ARE being DECIMATED. Not to mention that there are “some” that have NO compunction in “ADOPTING” another’s “FEED STORE”, ( McDonald’s now advertises “DONATING AUTOMOBILES… started by Goodwill / Salvation Army).Yes, it works, but there are just so many,and “stealing” the donation base of a more thorough entity IS WRONG.

So, the TIME for using that “stone” that has been tripping everyone walking through the paths of FUNDRAISING IS HERE. All that’s necessary is that the, SEEMING, muck and grimes be brushed away, and to LOOK toward the Horizon of CURE’S HOPE. Making it possible that those that HAVE been seeking “THE AVENUE” may have stumbled into an “ACRE of DIAMONDS”.


But, until then… I’ll just keep whacking these keys as if this “Horse” might just raise up to, FINALLY, run.

SO, if you’re reading about this, and see the merit of its vision TELL YOUR FRIENDS about it. GO to FUNDLY / THNQ Enterprises and get 50K of them to donate FIFTY CENTS toward EVERYONE’S HEALTH. It’ll “be” like taking a basket of Fish, and a few loaves of Bread…



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