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July 30, 2012 / alghaumon

The FTC’s Been Told of THEE

Those of “us” that HAVEN’T had the funding to purchase a new OS, or machine, of late are finding that the commercial competition of ALL the information grabbing, advertising and social site SCRIPTING CODES IS slowing down the “EUPHORIC” sense of the “electronic SURF”. As I attempt to search for employment, read the “news”, gather proper data for a POST my window warning that these scripts AREN’T RESPONDING flashes on screen faster that an infrared strobe light at the TWELVE setting.
The new, and INSIDIOUS “add-on” to these is that if you now tap the “STOP SCRIPT” button the JAVA CANDIRU’,


locate our “demeanor”, (= PISSED!),and then lodge themselves into the “flow” thus signaling the parasite code to sever the link and be dropped from the site connection.

I’ve spoken to other victims of this little “UP YOUR’S”. News sites like the “FEAUX”, (Fox), News on UP use this little gem to let one “know” that THEIR ENTIRE ADVERTISING CADRE’ must HAVE access to any, and ALL informations that they may “glean” / STEAL from YOU while they can. And it’s MORE SO if you use an OS like UNIX and its “offspring”. ( The fact that Mr. Torvald has created a “heritage” system infuriates the PANE/ PAIN and the ‘Tosh so thoroughly that they’ve, (More than “likely”.) Hired ex cyber-thugs to continue, “legally”, what they did for “fun” before obtaining a “corporate bail bondsman”.

As the title says, the FTC WILL be given a “HEADS-UP” to this. I have had my fill of dancing between three ‘windows’, each with four tabs… And when the “bite” given through a “MURDOCH-IAVELLI” super advertiser keeps bumping its “nose” into the “Penguin’s” ice sheet it gets mad enough to throw a rock that shatters the “HOUSE”.

As I write this I have EVERY intention to FORWARD this TO the FTC.

Have ANY of YOU experienced this?

It has even “seemed” that wordpress is / has been using this to get those that have kept their FREE SITE(S) to switch to Premium. (?)




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