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August 18, 2012 / alghaumon

“Dear” Vlad, JOSEF Would Be proud

Maybe Mr. Stalin may have mellowed by now, or maybe he’d have been just crotchety enough to nod a Turkey-necked approval for the TWO YEAR conviction of three TOUGH and INTELLIGENT young Women.

Here we are coming to the grand centennial of the installation of the proletariat,


removing the “Tsarist Blight”. As in a THOUROUGH SCRUBBING,


And, just before the former Soviet Union gathers their “remembrances OF”, newly ‘re-elected’ President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has brought the “Hammer-FIST” out of “semi-retirement” to deftly use the Sickle / psycle in his court’s decision to politically CIRCUMSISE the WOMEN of PUSSY RIOT,


Needless to say that the FEAR OF Women is reaching an apex, arcing through the AIR to SCRIBE the “word” FREEDOM, in a VERY CALLIGRAPHIC hand, into the LEADED GLASS CEILING of ‘Russia’.

The actual numbers ARE overwhelming.

…AND, doing so with a CHANEL JACKHAMMER!!!

The: Comparison…

The fact that History repeats itself is far too easy to say without comparison. BUT! If you remember the years of 2003-2005 AMERICA had Russia’s Fraternal twins in THE DIXIE CHICKS…


The way IS Forward from ANY “time SERVED”.



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