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September 3, 2012 / alghaumon


YES! The intermixing of lower and upper case of the word LABOR DO have a meaning.It represents the ups and downs of the fight to remain viable to “the creditors” that seem to be seeing black on their audits but, red when a “BLACK”, ( as in ‘BALLED’.), person seeking to KEEP that which they’d WORKED FOR these past FIVE administrations. Not that being a new entrant to the task of being a TAXPAYER is “any” easier.

Remember to cut and paste here, kids.

“Emma was the Bravest of US”.

Labor has lost a lot of ground these past few years.Well, at least the BODY HAS, officers appear to have HARPOONED the “Cash WHALE”, riding the membership Skiff for ALL the thrills being ABLE to pay the MORTGAGE ON TIME does. So, WHY is “labor” pumping all that constitual coinage into the “punch them in the Judies” each electoral cycle? That money IS for the “WHAT IFS” during
the ‘lifespan’ / seniority acquisition of their membership.

Stoic Integrity, making the difference the forefront.

“WE” that have no such “protections” have seen the loss of available employments through the down-sizing of companies’ workforces. Most companies today offer a job publicly but WILL GIVE that “bit” of time to those within payroll already, giving rise to the “WHY” there’s so much of the ‘BUDGET’ NOT being placed on that which it was intended FOR.
I wind this up with a POSTING that is more appropriate to the “celebration” of this day,(AND Moment.),than I can muster…


… written by:Joseph Stiglitz, professor of economics at Columbia University and a Nobel laureate.

AGAIN, HAPPY LaBoR Day, those of you that DO,OR STILL try.



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