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September 11, 2012 / alghaumon

The JOB’S Market

The (online) “news” articles have been telling, ( that would be to those that ARE EMPLOYED.), notifying, ( those that WILL be attempting to be EMPLOYED.), and VERIFYING, ( OF those that CONTINUE to “FIND” EMPLOYMENT.), that the issue of “AMERICAN” businesses ‘huddling’ to protect THEIR “bottom line” by continuing to “produce” with FEWER employees… and ADDING more tasks for them to accomplish such.

This is a “society” that was “historically” begun by a group of folk from ENGLAND,


“seeking” to practice their ‘religion’, and ways of life, without the taintings of the other factions from “Rome”, or “Israel”. The how’s and why’s weren’t tolerated. And, when those were brought to these shores the lesson of tolerance, acceptance, and COMMUNAL enhancement, through sharing shown by those that GREETED them, was to become the human “vortex” , (not unlike what is in our Oceans.), from the “DEVINE RIGHT” of COMMERCE and CONVEINIENCE today.


The GYRE* of today’s society has turned many into disaffected masses that endanger the “world” as a WHOLE…

* (

…especially those that haven’t had the recent proximity of the freshness of recent “USE” / engagement. (EMPLOYMENT / INCOME.)

The “bets” made by Government and Business are so intertwined that they’ve been sending “smoke signals” UP the CITIZENRY’S SPHINCTERS with such frequency that the “English speaking” have become quite comfortable with the feeling.

( This DIATRIBE “may” be a tad disjointed but, the weight of the “WHAT” is going wrong, in MY “LIFE”, HAS made COGENT thought presentation DIFFICULT at this moment.)

In the “nutshell” of this rant is the fact that businesses are telling “us” that they are in “need” of personnel to accomplish their advertised tasks. After TEN MONTHS of DAILY “search-to-employ” Internet missions , and interviews the spector of distrust by those that WILL extract a PENNEY by every means ” necessary” has become the POLYP blocking the myriad of entities that make up the things that are to function within the BODY of SOCIETY. AND, it is growing, unabated, at a rate that IS eating away TOO MANYS lives.

This terse is labeled the “Job’s Market”, as in JOB from the Bible. Where “two” entities HAVE made a BET against the other on WHAT each can do TO / FOR the “object” of said bet. The insidious emotional, mental and physical incisions so deftly used by the ‘THIEF” of progress, destroying the accumulated works of the “object”. Sadly, the other ‘bettor’ only sets the rule of the opponent ‘NOT’ taking the LIFE of the “object” to win.

The sadder part of this comparison is that there’ no such rule for today’s competitors. Those that HAVE worked to build the foundations, and frameworks; walls and roof-lines are being tested by those that believe they are ENTITLED to do whatever with the ancient Oaks, Diamonds and Dinosaur remains, wasting such so they may hold these “Carrots” to lead the world’s populations to the “SHOWER-ROOMS” of their liking…

…Or, to the self Lethal Injection, or Immolatoreums that have been built for them with their own tax dollars…

I DO believe that it’s time to INVEST in ASH.



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