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September 18, 2012 / alghaumon


“Ahm-yah-ha-say-oh / Ohio / Knee how / Maw-nin / zzzzzzuuuupp”!

As ‘Goofy’ would say, ” GARSH, Mickey, that’d just be SWELL!”…

But, “THAT” JUST AIN’T GONNA’ HAPPEN! What “ain’t gonna’ HAPPEN?
The under-current thought of Former President WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON “joining” Current PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA on the ensuing Democratic Party ticket to become elected for ANOTHER TERM. How CAN this “BE”, (?), asks the myriad of B+ students in the old labeled ‘PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY’ / HISTORY High School Classes that “we” “Baby-Boomers” attended back in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s have a vague “vegetabled” spore, or cloud “OF”. Well, young’ns ,”EYES” gonna’ spell ya’ some “Con-stuh-mah-two-shin-awl” “Hokey- Poke-US” that we heard as a sneeze from the hall closet during the DNC / “CLINTOBAMA “Clash” Conversion”…


Typing the query of “Can a TWO TERM President be chosen to become VICE-PRESIDENT after leaving?” The ‘ANSWER, my friend, has MORE LEGAL atmosphere than YOU KNOW…

a.) (

b.) (

OH, WAIT!! The conventions OVER. NOPE, it can’t happen.

But, as an exercise in a political bottle rocket war this thought would be like having access to the Pepsi Bottling factory and connecting stacks of cases to create “salvo treadmills” throughout the neighborhoods.

“Good POINT, Homer”.



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