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October 2, 2012 / alghaumon


According to the improbable VP

Paul Ryan has told a group at a rally on the front lawn of a county courthouse that he and his running mate, Mitt Romney, “would help more Americans find jobs so that they can pay taxes”. Wow! THAT’S ” mighty WHITE” of you Paul.
For a group that only sees the “white” of a “black AND white” situation to ADMIT that his party’s basic thought is,(AGAIN!), ALL ABOUT the MONEY.


answering in reference to Romney’s 47% comment: Ryan says “the answer is more jobs so workers earn enough money that they have to pay their share.”

Not that the “best and brightest” youth in the upper tiered schools of this Nation have NO COMPUNCTION about CHEATING to get where they “THINK” they need to be. There’s NO I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y. being taught by PARENT OR “teacher”. ( The scandals of New York State, [SAT testing] and City, [The Stuyvesant ELITE High School.] Throw in the HAU-VAUD, (Harvard), cheating fiasco, ( Which includes close to half the accused being VARSITY ATHLETES.), and the basic average says that “WE”, as a nation, have tossed away a few of the basic blocks of the “FOUNDATION” to KEEP the “HOUSE” from performing a “HOYLE gravity architectural maneuver”. If RYAN’S concern hasn’t included the basest of the ‘articles’ that would mean that the “articles” NO LONGER MATTER. Just the funding capabilities of the Senate and Congress “ponging” partisan puffments, predictably purloining paid-ins “por” public pilfery . Equaling, citizen taxes get used for MORE non-infrastructural nonsense, while the “elected” vote themselves higher wages.

(“Salaries of Members of Congress,” says that pay raises occur unless Congress specifically blocks them, and that in the past two decades, “Congress has accepted a raise 13 times and denied itself a pay increase on seven occasions.”)

Congress has now voted itself a total of $16,700 in raises over the last six years.
Since 1990, congressional pay has increased from $98,400 to $154,700 in …

( )…

Even when America is working the GOP wants more. When they start truly CONSERVING the economy they WILL be voted on successfully with it.



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