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December 17, 2012 / alghaumon


the PARENTS came to school that day
to kiss their children where they’d been slain
the choking wails, with HUNDREDS K sobs
“t’was just beginning”, it’s all been robbed

the great debate has drawn to still
a “best and brightest” now has killed
the “doomsday” list this didn’t ‘clude
harsh lessons ‘gainst TWO’S rights glare inbued

worst most of all to Psy’trysts calls
the perp’ was not with “TAN” at all
this wasn’t part of charts and tests
we shouldn’t lay “our” child to rest

gold’s favor isn’t much at all
lead poisoning can touch the all
and though a “right” what’s left is pall
‘lobby’ seasons wassail with gall



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