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November 1, 2013 / alghaumon

… Liberty puts on a SHROUD

The markings of “history” are placed in too many locations for most ‘humans’ to think about “rounding up”, let alone understanding. To do so means that one would HAVE to know the ‘timbre’ and nomenclature of the various periods mentioned. So too the events themselves that hold the weight of the scales that adjudge the “past” and “present”.

Times, as they are, have many hands upon their TILLERS. It may be “fun” for you to search the many “de” / reference  points within the following. Remember, spelling is a “clue” in itself.

most interesting, those bread-crumbs laid
about a feeding, CROW
as Bush did burn to have revenge
Osama quit the show

a DICK did keep his head down
he had no HEART for such
and when the man of “yes we can”
claimed, ‘my job’:  PROTECT the clutch

the hat(t)ers rose full bluster
but, stopped the klan at GETTYS-burg
sysops code the “cures” by cluster
varied ‘scuses all regured

then, peek-ah-BOO, it happened
the “pay-tree-ot” turned fink
can’t turn this off by clapper
watch for tree sap in that drink

so, the cit-zen-rie is scratching
while the PACHYDERMS scratch more
it’s a sit-and-wait ’til hatchings
Halloween SPOOKS sit by doors

very soon, next votes be glint’in’
it’s an end for first time ’round
with no Steele red crowd needs flint-in’
as, MISS, Liberty puts on a SHROUD



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