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November 12, 2013 / alghaumon


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The BUILDING and FUNDINGS of new : GUB-MINT  “regulatory” entities is NOT what “CHANGE” meant to ME, when I sat with PHONE-IN-HAND, PENCIL ‘TWEEN TEETH, and SORE EARS THROUGH HANG-UPS.

Ginny's firstFor SEVERAL “reasons” the “prosper” of pros-parity has many, as I, as barren as the foliage atop my dome. The ‘experiment’ of “YES, WE CAN” makes me think back to the first instance that I embraced the melded sloganisms of the Civil Rights leadership during my youth of the Sixties… “WE, Will OVERCOME”, “I AM SOMEBODY”, “…The BALLOT, or, the BULLET”… We have been part of something that got “ONE ‘OF’ US” to the highest OFFICE of this NATION. But, too many forget that the PLANNING PROCESS ISN’T for TODAY ONLY. It IS the HARBINGER’S initial entry, and a staked location, ( Where the “COUP” is first “COUNTED”.), in the STAND, ( Listen to “SLY” and his FAMILY.), to become ONE of the declared promises of ALL that came / stayed here. The “only” example I can present, of the EASE and CONCISENESS  of the IDEAS / IDEALS that brought US to where WE ARE and, SHOULD BE is this small example…

!. ) The length of documentation for the ORIGINAL article of “NATIONHOOD”= The CONSTITUTION, the oldest and shortest written Constitution of any major government in the world, is printed on 6 pages: pages 1-4 are the base text of the constitution. The original hand written copy filled 4 pages.

2.) The length of the ‘AFFORDABLE CARE ACT’= #ObamaCare regulations – 828 pages in one day. Or,
Bureaucracies in the Obama Administration have thus far published approximately 11,588,500 words.

The Man IS a LAWYER, though the “prudence” of the “degrees” achieved so far is just “JURIST LURIST”, ( Lured into believing that these legislators are seeing “TO” OUR best interests.).  And, again, we have ANOTHER “REGULATORY” arm being crafted as a “Doctor” that is grafting itself with too many untested appendages, ( Dr. Otto Gunther Octavius= “Doctor Octopus”: SPIDERMAN [Marvel Comics].), that FEED from something MOST GREEDY.

Those are the “basics” of the “WHY(?)” I “wrote” . Which all starts by the gleaning of another’s being at the “right” place to tell me a bit of the situations of the WORLD I’m TRYING TO LIVE IN. And then I jot some”poetry”…

what have “WE”, NOW, to INCREASE
FUNDING “REG-YOU-LATER(S)” that lose the store
if CORPORATE funded Universities
taught CHARACTER to the scores
there’d be LESS “NEED” of “watching out”
from also that WITHIN
a CITIZEN might have a JOB

and, by the way, DEAR LEADER
that “CHANGE”, REVERSE has been
yes, there are some few that have broken “through”
but, the saner are way past BEND
those with the gifts to fill the dips
of ‘roded ‘ciety
quite stifled much by Person-HOOD’S touch

so, if I may extend this quest
it’s just these THREE

REMEMBER to:   STAND !!! :



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