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November 21, 2013 / alghaumon

… bringing namesake to late cheers


A while back I wrote about THIS VERY scenario above, and its proceeding toward “COMING TO LIFE”. The timeline for covering the Patriarchal [“CONNECTION”] to the family “homeland” has been a politically challenging procedure.

But, THIS YOUNG MAN…    G.P.Bush&Uncle Gee-Dub…Has the gene pool all “aswarm”. The few years since we last viewed George P. has seen his manicured minipulationings become a serious back-splash for the waves of scrutiny before him. “We” shall bide the time of watching the tread of his footsteps, keeping note of the TYPE of shoe he”ll choose to travel in. If ever it should “fall” away let’s all peer at the OTHER to see if he can keep it in place.

+++++++++++++++++++ Some “prose”, by any other name…

a son from southwest hinterland of mixed heir like Barack
of Bush-men a stalking Elephant media favorite since a tot
he too careered to serve the States the tracing of footsteps
picturesque compared to most of “manners” not bereft

the practice lasted unbeknownst to nation for to see
but, for the GOP as host this a weapon used with glee
we wait as filings tell a score, of the wind direction claimed
as the PACs accepting loots galore as the Ass gets sorely blamed

it’s a wait and see though there’s a path which is glowing faint-i-ly
shoulders back the strides have history as past falters seek the flee
“ANGLI-CANO” makes for interesting it’s the whole of “hemisphere”
while the wait soon ends with registering bringing namesake to late cheers

++++++++ George P. NOW…

George P. Bush speaks during 2011 Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans



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