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December 2, 2013 / alghaumon

DEAR: Mister Breslin…


( Read as the computer voice in a SCI-FI movie.)

HELLO SEAN, I’ve just been downloading the MOST interesting DATA that you’ve been selling to those Southern “SUPER” Fans about the the , ( Change voice to ENID, of the Dukes of HAZZARD.), “FLAARR-DAH STAYTE SEM-NOLES” in your blog BRESLANTA during the past holiday weekend.    ( Return to “HAL”.),  I’m very sure that the excitement of a MORE THAN HEROIC effort by Michigan Quarterback DEVIN GARDNER WAS just ‘one’ of the KEY factors of your “BLURB”, ( The “BLURT” within the context of BLOGGING.), in that the young MAN “took that licking” from the OHIO STATE BUCKEYE Line, THEN, proceeded to TICK the “nation” OFF for the ENTIRE duration of the CONTEST. The “IMPORTANCE” of “A” rivalry is most dependent on the ACCUMULATION of TIME, the EXTENT of the MANY QUARTERS… “here, let me show YOU from this ancient calculative device called “FINGERS“! That you take the TEN of these and KEEP restructuring the quantitative values of their redundant re-additional requirement, you HAVE to take the ten FOUR TIMES, of the conglomerate, then repeat that same process TWENTY-TWO MORE TIMES to get to the DIFFERENTIATION of THREE YEARS, ( TWELVE QUARTERS.) to the SUM / SOME of  THREE-HUNDRED,SIXTY-FOUR QUARTERS. THAT’S a LOT of quarters, Mister Breslin.

The problem of HEALTH has HAD its “WEIGHT” measured for the past few years. And the fact that  POLITICIANS HAVE turned to “THEATRE“, at the urging of their PAC, as opposed to their CONSTITUENCY, is MORE than relevant, as the MANY that travel up to the Professional ranks find the SACRIFICE of their HEALTH isn’t worthy of shame, OR ridicule.

As the GAME, ( an off-shoot of the INTERNATIONAL… AND PADLESS… game / contest of RUGBY.), has found its CORPORATELY “SIGNIFICANT” meaning via the culture of SALES- in the HIGHJACKING of EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION’S providing the CORE BASICS of HUMANITY and FAIR PLAY, (They can’t remain “INCOGNITO” for much longer.), and the impetus of fostering BETTER SOCIAL HOMOGI-NATIONS for the future.

The FOOTBALL CONTEST is, very much, like that of what has happened this past  Thanksgiving, of 2013, and the outcomes of the TOP FIVE BCS RANKED… IT WAS A LAST “MINUTE” determination of what the TELEVISION VIEWING AUDIENCE was to receive. As the GAMBLE of a HEAD COACH made a young man’s VALIANCE of execution make the regional bluster raise its nose into the air /-aire /heir.

(A VERY SPECIAL NOTE to SEAN BRESLIN: HELLO FRIEND! D’Ellis here. I ‘HAD’ to write this as a “voice of reason” jot. The, possible, game of importance JUST  MAY be between “FRUITS AND VEGETABLES” but  “our” CORN produces the”stuff” of OCTANE… ethanol… used correctly it can get most vehicles “down-the-road” fairly quickly. The sweet acid of an Orange makes for good cleaning household fluids, while the peel’s oils ALSO BURN QUITE HOT. It’s been fun to write  a  “RE-BUTYL”.)

++++++Day TWO: Just checking back for the “RIGHT”…

NAH-DAH, NYET.  I DO believe that Mr. Breslin has left us “ah-mah-tours”… ‘There’s SCOLD in them thar THRILLS’ !


To give “regretted” CREDIT where it was first “heard”… THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Football team LOST to the MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY SPARTANS  [34-24]!.. AND DUE !



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