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December 24, 2013 / alghaumon

… eons ago

For all the panic of the INDUSTRIAL WORLD’S destructions of our living environment it “seems” that the Judea-Christian con-“claves”, ( CLAVES: a percussion instrument made of two “sticks” of a certain length and diameter to be stuck against the other to create a “‘wooden’ “bell-like” tonal. CLACKING.), have forgotten that “those things’ that WE “see” now are just the leavings of those that “were” before our time here. Scientific inquiry and, ingenuity will always lead to dis-covery… that which had been made for a later time. NATURE has a brilliant “knack” for these types of things. “WE” seem to think that “we” have something to do with these events.



they’re all right here

the tools we “Need”

the Father / Son placed

for succeed

the formula’s the same

you know

they’ve hid the placements

for ‘next’ show

once told, there’s nothing new

’round here

replacing “selves”

past dense child’s fears

the endless time

to build this “raft”

took more than just

a simple “craft”

imbibed too much

of progress / flow

outlasting “US”

eons ago



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