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December 29, 2013 / alghaumon


[ERADICATE THE]…  attitude

It’s “funny” to me that this Nation, of some of the  “finer” minds, could allow SOMEONE, even though it IS the / OUR Government, to “STOP” the very RIGHT” that lead US AWAY from a MONARCHY. 

My solution of “HOW” is simple BUT, assured in its effectiveness… USE THE POSTAL SERVICE ! As “stupid” as this reads it WOULD cause an INCREASE of JOBS. For the Postal Service AND, the NSA. In doing this the ABSURDITY REALIZED by those that “FEAR” the CITIZENRY would HAVE to STOP the USSR-LIKE practices of “protecting the SOVEREIGNTY” of the “UNION”. I say this as a person of CONCERN. I DON’T have any ill will toward my NEIGHBOR… OR, to those that have NO CLUE as to HOW WELL I WOULD treat them given the chance. I DO THIS EVERY DAY with MORE People than YOU can IMAGINE, being “ONE OF COLOUR”. The fun part IS DISARMING them by being ME.

And, I DO LOVE this NATION for its access-abilities of the, TOO MANY, GOOD things that WE have available. If the Government were truly to look into the MORE TROUBLING frauds, HATES and, DECEPTIONS they WOULD look more closely into the practices of BANKING and BUSINESS’ ways of making the CITIZENRY POORER, thus making the GOVERNMENT POORER. DO YOU, THINK, that is part of an agenda at the moments ahead?

The title is simple. As the fix is simple. “IF”, WE STOPPED using the TELE- / CELL PHONES for a period of SIX MONTHS the COMPANIES that HAVE agreed to allow the PEEPING into OUR LIVES would look at FAILING REVENUES, thus causing their INVESTORS’ IRE, LOWERING their OVER-PAID C.E.O.s  “PIMPAGES”, and make for some very interesting DECISIONS to be made by some that have been LICKING “someone’s”… Bruno Magli’s.For ALL the consternation(s) this would make it would put control back INTO the HANDS that ARE MAKING SOMETHING FOR THEIR FAMILIES AND, NEIGHBORS. NOT for some YUTZ that “needs” to cheat their EMPLOYEES… THUS the GOVERNMENT.




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