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January 19, 2014 / alghaumon

Mozilla ‘FirePOX’

It’s been several weeks that I’ve just “upgraded” to Firefox TWENTY-FIVE point…. The problem IS that with such they HAVE become the “EVERLASTING JOB STOPPER” of having an UN-INTERRUPTED jaunt across the INTERNET “AS I PREFER IT. Whenever there’s a “click” onto a new page, or tab, the THREE-QUARTER PAGE WIDTH AD sticks its HTML B’DONQ-UH-DONQ across the items that I’d BEEN interested in, therefore becoming the VERY THING that MOST of “US” HAD  switched FROM with PLEASURE. Why use the “AD-BLOCKING” features when the  tool to “get there” IS doing MOST of the INSUFFERAGES by itself!?!

After FOUR consecutive attempts to politely ask that the incessant BOMBARDMENTS CEASE… they WILL NOT. It seems that Mozilla HAS become “EN-FECALED” with the very poops they’d been ‘selling’ “us” against. The “find” to the query of asking the “SUPPORT” contact to STOP the beatings resulted in finding a site that “WILL” get things “QUICKLY” done for an IT ‘expert’s’ $58.00 FEE to do what Mozilla “should” know IS WRONG.

What they’re doing is like the [ACTUALITIES] of the reversal of HIPPOCRATES’ “do NO harm”. When those that “START” a career with the “pledge” to do better soon turn INTO the DISEASE there IS the time to excise the feature.



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