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February 24, 2014 / alghaumon

… a small social tiff



For “EONS” it’s been a game of HIDE and SEEK, ROME had its scriveners kneading their clay tablets over whether to let Caligula “know” WHO was”soaping up” more frequently than others.

And, as the Judeo-Christian Faith- Lexicon tells, the “franchises” of SODOM and GOMORRAH  WERE CANCELLED ABRUPTLY. You would think that they were in California by “how” poorly they treated their visitors.

But, I cannot JUDGE, I’m HUMAN. Born from a “bull” of a WOMAN, whose strengths are very hard to deny. ( You’ve “read” about Her.) SO, as “we” arrive at the “crux’ of time “foretold” a dilemma has brought the PAST to NOW, and ALL are waiting to “see” how we treat this. Those that have a vested interest…


do you think
that “they’ll” expect
something extra
for that “WELL DONE”
‘pat’ on the butt

can you believe that
they won’t just give you
a “high five” when
closeness is getting to you or what

are their shoes
so much more the “lighter”
than the brand that you tell us
is it true or the fact that
they’re better you’re jealous

can those “housewives”
make room for the cuter among them
or the post game have focus
from reporters that strung them

the fear that’s been building
has made your “game” stiff
just don’t… blow… out… proportions
for such a small social tiff



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