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March 5, 2014 / alghaumon


To be very frank, while whomever reads this post is “pondering” the the corner store, two miles west of “FAR LEFT FIELD” thought, (no ess.), oh-pinion, (again, NO ess.), that person MUST KNOW what the word ANTAGONYM means. ( I believe that when I first wrote the “about” the definition , descriptive should have a position somewhere in the box.)

There are TWELVE OTHER sites that have the problem of my placing my thoughts on their pixels. The best thing is that they’re not e-motivated by Human attitudes. The reason that I’ve been writing so “profusely” is that I’m just ONE of the “stories of the naked cities” that happen to have an extraordinary number of mature, unemployed citizens. No, ( well, “some”.), fault of our own… EXCEPT, (ACCEPT!?!) that “WE” DO have a knowledge of HOW to “DO”. “WE” HAVE had to INNOVATE in MOST EVERY ASPECT of our WORKING LIVES … which USUALLY started at the age of NINE, or TEN years old. “SOME” of these had to do so in the atmosphere of OPEN, UNADULTERATED prejudice(s) that (may) have been “legislated” into “STOP”, but are RHYZOMELICALLY entrenched within the genes of those that erroneously claim ancestry via the region currently being a focal point of world politics.
(, It’s “funny” that ‘GEORGIA’ would actually BE a CAUCASIAN  “ethnic”grouping. The instances of mistrusts and, the damages caused by those driving the  economies, here, can be seen as “someone” looking to protect a MIRAGE. I understand how a “Hank” Flipper ‘did’…


But, I’m STILL HERE and, AM trying to unsnarl the ‘wrongs’ and, accusations that are keeping me from “success”. The fact that TOO MANY AROUND THE WORLD are having to breathe the air, from the level of unwashed wallet pockets, then to be given the “privilege” of extended vacations, (SANS pay.), while bad “clones” are allowed / ENCOURAGED / PROTECTED to be “the backbone’ of an economy that IS eroding “JUST MAKES ME SO HAPPY !!!!

To be here and witness the crooks running the banking systems, politicians being forgiven for the LAWS BROKEN that they, and their colleagues wrote  / passed. To have a LAW that says “it doesn’t matter” why you’re not allowed to perform BETTER than your “MANAGER” is just ONE of the reasons why I’m just so happy with the way things are.

AND, “lastly”, I hope that the reader gets so infuriated that they DON’T look into the things presented here… It would just prove their point.


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