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March 20, 2014 / alghaumon

The Doors Had YET to Open



I’ve said that the Price of FREEDOM IS to PAY ATTENTION !!!

So, it’s been HOW MANY MONTHS that Young SNOWDEN used  a “commoner’s” set of tools to get past those HIGHLY EDUCATED / PAID EXPERTS? And, TOLD them so.

Then HOW is it that a teenaged male youth could navigate PAST so many PAID, maybe NOT well paid,but, PAID adults who HAD lived and, were cognizant of the PREVIOUS events that occurred to the original WTC? There is NO EXCUSE for the CONTRACTOR or, the PUBLIC OFFICIAL that chose them. In their firing “the inattentive guard” the folks UP his ladder should be without their present incomes as well.

This has been the “problem” of MANY in OUR “Govern”-MENTAL regress. If ANYTHING the young man that HAS shown these elected “protectors” of our SAFETIES that the DUE DILIGENCE they SWORE to create WAS just another FALSE ADVERTISEMENT to wedge themselves into the CITIZENS’ taxes.

This event should be an item “OF INTEREST” in the review of the investigation of the New York / New Jersey BRIDGE FIASCO. SOMEBODY is NOT fulfilling their JOB RESPONSIBILITIES!!!!!!!

Of ALL the folk that have “glitches” to make them “SUSPECT”, according to the HR rules, WOULDN’T “they” be more “IN-TUNE” with the ‘POSSIBILITIES’ that could be addendum(s) to the job description?



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