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May 1, 2014 / alghaumon

… need to RETRACT

( see: Matthew Henson-Explorer*



Just to why Bennie G. Thompson, (, would resort to the SAME type of tactics seen recently in Nevada and, California i guess that he ‘had’ to bring some derogatory spotlight back to the eastern coastal area.
The PROBLEM of him calling Clarence Thomas the name of a MAN that saw TO the day when Thompson COULD be A Memeber of the UNITED STATES HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES proves just how ABSURD and MIS-EDUCATED “we” ALL are when we throw degrading comments at another. If Thompson had the lineage that Rev. Henson had, ( Matthew Henson, see: Admiral Perry / the “finding” of the NORTH POLE.), he wouldn’t be acting like his relative by “popping off” the “rounds” of political “DOZENS”.
IF ‘YOU’ had strength of “UNCLE TOM”
there’d be no STERLING / BUNDY clause
so like the gentryfing GLOM

the truth of “it” just doesn’t fit
within sound-bite to an ass
until now none knew you of 43
and shown the least in class

skewing history for all to see
ONE reason toward ‘greatest’ fail
to study before decision
keeps stupid from own impales

J Henson saw to YOUR future
HIS legacy STILL intact
knowing truths that HAPPENED
means no need to RETRACT



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