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May 26, 2014 / alghaumon



This is but the opening “glance”* at some of the issues that I have raised for the past three YEARS. Just because the gub-mint’s “trickle-down” is protecting those that assure “you” that they “DON’T NEED” ‘DEPENDS’,( that the person crouching behind them is “tying their shoe laces” but, can’t explain the roll of “BOUNTY” in their hands…), for the “pressure” of their JOB.

The saddest part of this all is that IF there’d been an “UNANNOUNCED WALK-THROUGH”, when the first mention of this type of diversionary “practice” was brought to the “ATTENTION” the initiators WOULD have had to fold up their “MONTY” Tables. Instead, WE, ( “THE PEOPLE!), have to have OUR ‘needs’ put “ON HOLD” while MORE infractions bellow in the WINDS of GREED across the NATION.


And, YOU “DON’T” want to see the letters TO the White House… Let alone the “ANSWERS”.

Here’s another something that’s being kept by “a” corporation. When you go to a fast food place and order “to go” do so IN STAGES… Make an add-on to the order… CHECK to SEE “if” they’ve taxed any part, ( In Ohio “to-go” isn’t supposed to be taxed. The companies have programmed a “revolving” tax “adjuster”/ charging system that makes NO SENSE to a government entity.), do this with friends on a random group of days/ weeks and then DO THE MATH. The “taxes” collected AREN’T reported, just “absorbed” by the company… of course they have “legal” explanations of  “AN HONEST MISTAKE”.

BUT, they “CAN’T” return that MONEY.

SO, WHERE DO YOU think it goes? (A few years ago the State of Ohio had a tax on take-out Fountain drinks. A few companies “forgot” to remove such from their register programs… for two years. You do the math.)

I’m NOT the brightest… but I AM NOSEY.

Just a little update:




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