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August 26, 2014 / alghaumon

… never spurned

“Social”, the “neologism” of HOW “we” have proceeded to dismantle BEING HUMAN.

When those of “us”, that use the ‘TOOLING’ of “Facebook” and, its ILK, the ability of treating one another as VALUABLE and EQUAL the instantaneous “THIMBLERIG” / ( of “connection” IS PROVEN IFFY.

Especially when the connection isn’t “FACE-to-FACE”.



The book’s “face” said

‘ Prince Charming

who offered (a) “NEVERLAND”

across “the pond” he traveled

a courier for her hand

Three decades of more “substance”

though only by ‘spring’s Pa

when no more trashings flourish

the proverbial ‘Raven’s CAW

This tale is just in “building”

the players’ roles find turns

the “teller” has NO WORRIES

to “GIFT” is never SPURNED



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