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March 31, 2014 / alghaumon

… gets extolled




It “seems” that some of  the best and brightest CANNOT remember the simplest of HISTORY LESSONS  of THEIR chosen PROFESSION . CONDOLENCES are extended to the “gate-keeper” that was injured due to STUPIDITY, (Add the ZEAL of of “A ROCK JOB”  to the equation.), by the planning committee. Enter to this the ‘social’  self-centeredness  of WHAT the current group of U.S. ‘humanity’ HAS BEEN TAUGHT and, the situational STAMPEDES of the “Me FIRST’S‘” WILL bring THIS type of behavior to YOUR CITY!!! 

The FACT that those who’ve been extended enough FUNDS to cobble an entertainment event of this magnitude and, longevity have been “trained” in the “BOTTOM-LINE BOOGIE”, NOT in the SAFE, SECURE… WELL THOUGHT execution of A PATRON’S JOYS.

To punish “the GROUP” for the IDIOCIES of the privileged princes / princesses that get shuttled IN through MIS-(SED)-Education IS just HOW the MANY “BREECHES” generate themselves.

( WCT TWO… TWICE in a MONTH! The NYC/NJ G.W. Bridge Scandal. Just to infer a couple of “most recent(s)”

The FACT that those who ARE “A TAD” older but, without “DOLLY’S HIDE”, (“Sheep Skin”= DIPLOMA… Remember the NINE folk that CHEATED to have control of a “NUCLEAR DEVICE”…


… were ‘considered’ to be the “best ans the brightest .)

The “RULES of ENGAGEMENT” haven’t been “STRESSED” enough to the WORLD today, that’s because those that are building the MARIONETTES for the NEXT ITERATION  are USING INFERIOR PRODUCT, inspected by inferior clones of themselves.






it showed by MARTIN act
generation of “I WANT IT”
the danger in the fact

how can you with the ‘studies’
not KNOW when faced these ‘ODDS’
instead of good’s community
they seem as come from pods

to stem a “flood” takes more than sticks
there’s gates with MASS controls
ignoring GRAVE’S known topo-graphs
why “I’M SORRY” gets extolled


Would the “gate-keeper”, NOW, be considered a MODERN DAY TELEMACHUS !?!

March 20, 2014 / alghaumon

The Doors Had YET to Open



I’ve said that the Price of FREEDOM IS to PAY ATTENTION !!!

So, it’s been HOW MANY MONTHS that Young SNOWDEN used  a “commoner’s” set of tools to get past those HIGHLY EDUCATED / PAID EXPERTS? And, TOLD them so.

Then HOW is it that a teenaged male youth could navigate PAST so many PAID, maybe NOT well paid,but, PAID adults who HAD lived and, were cognizant of the PREVIOUS events that occurred to the original WTC? There is NO EXCUSE for the CONTRACTOR or, the PUBLIC OFFICIAL that chose them. In their firing “the inattentive guard” the folks UP his ladder should be without their present incomes as well.

This has been the “problem” of MANY in OUR “Govern”-MENTAL regress. If ANYTHING the young man that HAS shown these elected “protectors” of our SAFETIES that the DUE DILIGENCE they SWORE to create WAS just another FALSE ADVERTISEMENT to wedge themselves into the CITIZENS’ taxes.

This event should be an item “OF INTEREST” in the review of the investigation of the New York / New Jersey BRIDGE FIASCO. SOMEBODY is NOT fulfilling their JOB RESPONSIBILITIES!!!!!!!

Of ALL the folk that have “glitches” to make them “SUSPECT”, according to the HR rules, WOULDN’T “they” be more “IN-TUNE” with the ‘POSSIBILITIES’ that could be addendum(s) to the job description?

March 5, 2014 / alghaumon


To be very frank, while whomever reads this post is “pondering” the the corner store, two miles west of “FAR LEFT FIELD” thought, (no ess.), oh-pinion, (again, NO ess.), that person MUST KNOW what the word ANTAGONYM means. ( I believe that when I first wrote the “about” the definition , descriptive should have a position somewhere in the box.)

There are TWELVE OTHER sites that have the problem of my placing my thoughts on their pixels. The best thing is that they’re not e-motivated by Human attitudes. The reason that I’ve been writing so “profusely” is that I’m just ONE of the “stories of the naked cities” that happen to have an extraordinary number of mature, unemployed citizens. No, ( well, “some”.), fault of our own… EXCEPT, (ACCEPT!?!) that “WE” DO have a knowledge of HOW to “DO”. “WE” HAVE had to INNOVATE in MOST EVERY ASPECT of our WORKING LIVES … which USUALLY started at the age of NINE, or TEN years old. “SOME” of these had to do so in the atmosphere of OPEN, UNADULTERATED prejudice(s) that (may) have been “legislated” into “STOP”, but are RHYZOMELICALLY entrenched within the genes of those that erroneously claim ancestry via the region currently being a focal point of world politics.
(, It’s “funny” that ‘GEORGIA’ would actually BE a CAUCASIAN  “ethnic”grouping. The instances of mistrusts and, the damages caused by those driving the  economies, here, can be seen as “someone” looking to protect a MIRAGE. I understand how a “Hank” Flipper ‘did’…


But, I’m STILL HERE and, AM trying to unsnarl the ‘wrongs’ and, accusations that are keeping me from “success”. The fact that TOO MANY AROUND THE WORLD are having to breathe the air, from the level of unwashed wallet pockets, then to be given the “privilege” of extended vacations, (SANS pay.), while bad “clones” are allowed / ENCOURAGED / PROTECTED to be “the backbone’ of an economy that IS eroding “JUST MAKES ME SO HAPPY !!!!

To be here and witness the crooks running the banking systems, politicians being forgiven for the LAWS BROKEN that they, and their colleagues wrote  / passed. To have a LAW that says “it doesn’t matter” why you’re not allowed to perform BETTER than your “MANAGER” is just ONE of the reasons why I’m just so happy with the way things are.

AND, “lastly”, I hope that the reader gets so infuriated that they DON’T look into the things presented here… It would just prove their point.

February 24, 2014 / alghaumon

… a small social tiff



For “EONS” it’s been a game of HIDE and SEEK, ROME had its scriveners kneading their clay tablets over whether to let Caligula “know” WHO was”soaping up” more frequently than others.

And, as the Judeo-Christian Faith- Lexicon tells, the “franchises” of SODOM and GOMORRAH  WERE CANCELLED ABRUPTLY. You would think that they were in California by “how” poorly they treated their visitors.

But, I cannot JUDGE, I’m HUMAN. Born from a “bull” of a WOMAN, whose strengths are very hard to deny. ( You’ve “read” about Her.) SO, as “we” arrive at the “crux’ of time “foretold” a dilemma has brought the PAST to NOW, and ALL are waiting to “see” how we treat this. Those that have a vested interest…


do you think
that “they’ll” expect
something extra
for that “WELL DONE”
‘pat’ on the butt

can you believe that
they won’t just give you
a “high five” when
closeness is getting to you or what

are their shoes
so much more the “lighter”
than the brand that you tell us
is it true or the fact that
they’re better you’re jealous

can those “housewives”
make room for the cuter among them
or the post game have focus
from reporters that strung them

the fear that’s been building
has made your “game” stiff
just don’t… blow… out… proportions
for such a small social tiff

February 16, 2014 / alghaumon

Half a Year Onward…

(… Since Time Warner needs to DENY SERVICE.


Half a YEAR




January 26, 2014 / alghaumon

A Vineyard of SOUR GRAPES?

This was written BY and FOR itself.

[BY, “THE”] way the [“AUTHOR”] has presented his case for the “news’ corporation named for a [CUNNING] animal it’s no small “wonder” WHY the title IS and a HOW the author…

…then graduated from Columbia University in 1983 as a Political Science major. This would place him in the same graduating class as President Barack Obama.[5] Root has stated that he has no recollection of having met or seen Obama at Columbia.   (!!!!??!!!!)…

… “May” write as he has.

January 19, 2014 / alghaumon

Mozilla ‘FirePOX’

It’s been several weeks that I’ve just “upgraded” to Firefox TWENTY-FIVE point…. The problem IS that with such they HAVE become the “EVERLASTING JOB STOPPER” of having an UN-INTERRUPTED jaunt across the INTERNET “AS I PREFER IT. Whenever there’s a “click” onto a new page, or tab, the THREE-QUARTER PAGE WIDTH AD sticks its HTML B’DONQ-UH-DONQ across the items that I’d BEEN interested in, therefore becoming the VERY THING that MOST of “US” HAD  switched FROM with PLEASURE. Why use the “AD-BLOCKING” features when the  tool to “get there” IS doing MOST of the INSUFFERAGES by itself!?!

After FOUR consecutive attempts to politely ask that the incessant BOMBARDMENTS CEASE… they WILL NOT. It seems that Mozilla HAS become “EN-FECALED” with the very poops they’d been ‘selling’ “us” against. The “find” to the query of asking the “SUPPORT” contact to STOP the beatings resulted in finding a site that “WILL” get things “QUICKLY” done for an IT ‘expert’s’ $58.00 FEE to do what Mozilla “should” know IS WRONG.

What they’re doing is like the [ACTUALITIES] of the reversal of HIPPOCRATES’ “do NO harm”. When those that “START” a career with the “pledge” to do better soon turn INTO the DISEASE there IS the time to excise the feature.