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March 31, 2014 / alghaumon

… gets extolled




It “seems” that some of  the best and brightest CANNOT remember the simplest of HISTORY LESSONS  of THEIR chosen PROFESSION . CONDOLENCES are extended to the “gate-keeper” that was injured due to STUPIDITY, (Add the ZEAL of of “A ROCK JOB”  to the equation.), by the planning committee. Enter to this the ‘social’  self-centeredness  of WHAT the current group of U.S. ‘humanity’ HAS BEEN TAUGHT and, the situational STAMPEDES of the “Me FIRST’S‘” WILL bring THIS type of behavior to YOUR CITY!!! 

The FACT that those who’ve been extended enough FUNDS to cobble an entertainment event of this magnitude and, longevity have been “trained” in the “BOTTOM-LINE BOOGIE”, NOT in the SAFE, SECURE… WELL THOUGHT execution of A PATRON’S JOYS.

To punish “the GROUP” for the IDIOCIES of the privileged princes / princesses that get shuttled IN through MIS-(SED)-Education IS just HOW the MANY “BREECHES” generate themselves.

( WCT TWO… TWICE in a MONTH! The NYC/NJ G.W. Bridge Scandal. Just to infer a couple of “most recent(s)”

The FACT that those who ARE “A TAD” older but, without “DOLLY’S HIDE”, (“Sheep Skin”= DIPLOMA… Remember the NINE folk that CHEATED to have control of a “NUCLEAR DEVICE”…


… were ‘considered’ to be the “best ans the brightest .)

The “RULES of ENGAGEMENT” haven’t been “STRESSED” enough to the WORLD today, that’s because those that are building the MARIONETTES for the NEXT ITERATION  are USING INFERIOR PRODUCT, inspected by inferior clones of themselves.






it showed by MARTIN act
generation of “I WANT IT”
the danger in the fact

how can you with the ‘studies’
not KNOW when faced these ‘ODDS’
instead of good’s community
they seem as come from pods

to stem a “flood” takes more than sticks
there’s gates with MASS controls
ignoring GRAVE’S known topo-graphs
why “I’M SORRY” gets extolled


Would the “gate-keeper”, NOW, be considered a MODERN DAY TELEMACHUS !?!



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